United Address Change com - Address change by service using United, but not USPS


I filled out two forms one for me and the other for my fiancé.I thought this was the United States Postal site but I just saw my bank account and was charged $80.

For the both $39 each. I only wanted the USPS charge of $1 for each. Due to miss leading and printed disclaimer in grey light print. The United Postal Service only charges $1 for their services.

After talking to the most senior person because the manager was sick I was informed it was clearly legible which was not.

The senior person said he would leave a message but not sure if I would be contacted.Great customer service.

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Plano, Texas, United States #794517

We are extremely sorry for your inconvenience.We make it a priority to notify our customers about our fees at our home page as well as at the payment confirmation page and few customers do not pay attention to the fee.

We also send an order confirmation with our fees.

I apologize on behalf of our customer care agents.

If you can call us at 866 418 8006 we will be glad to issue you a refund.Or you can email us at: support@unitedaddresschange.com for a refund.

Thank you for your support and time.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #759903

I suspect you did an internet search for change of address and this place was one of the first ones.You failed to look at the web address of the site you were at.

The correct site for any governmental agency at the federal level, at least is ".GOV" as in USPS.GOV. Some search engines are well-known for giving you search results based on how much the returned search site pays them to put them on top. Google is a prime example of a search engine no one can trust or should ever use. One of the best ones that not only don't pull this game and don't keep records of your searches is "duckduckgo.com".

Funny name, I know, but it is really good. An old standby is Yahoo.com search engine.

There are others, but just be careful."There be monsters out there."

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